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Companies Covered by Consolidated Environmental Management
Environmental Accounting
Global Environmental Data
Environmental Data by Plant/Facility in Japan
# Environmental Data by Plant/Facility of Domestic Group Companies(Coming soon)
# Environmental Data by Plant/Facility of Overseas(Coming soon)
GRI Guidelines Index
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Complete CSR Report
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# DENSO Group Profile/Main Products PDF (238K)
# President's Message PDF (68K)
# DENSO's CSR PDF (771K)
# Feature: DENSO CSR Challenge PDF (782K)
# Feature: Global Dialog PDF (187K)
CSR Performance/Report on Social Responsibility
# How DENSO Participate in a Society PDF (243K)
# Enhancing Competitiveness in Our Group Companies PDF (77K)
# Responding to the Diversification of Risks and Security PDF (87K)
# For Our Customers PDF (221K)
# With Our Suppliers PDF (113K)
# With Our Shareholders and Investors PDF (128K)
# With Our Employees PDF (106K)
# With the Global Society and Local Communities PDF (212K)
Environmental Report
# Further Strengthening Environmental Management PDF (188K)
# Promoting DENSO EcoVision PDF (289K)
# Eco Products Contributing to the Conservation of the Global Environment PDF (150K)
# Aim for Eco Factories that Enhance Productivity and Reduce the Impacts on the Environment PDF (134K)
# Aim to be an Eco Friendly Company in Harmony with Society PDF (139K)
# Dialog with our Stakeholders PDF (61K)
# Third-party Comments PDF (32K)

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