DENSO 10th Idea Contest DENSO MURAN 2010  Believe in yourself, challenge to catch your "Dream"

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Application procedure

Application prerequisites All DENSO Group associates and Yaesu members (individuals or groups)
Application method Complete the application form in English or Japanese and send it to MURAN window person of each company.
Application period From January 6 (Fri) to February 29 (Wed)
March 23 (Fri), 2012
  • You may submit as many ideas as you wish, but please make sure you send separate application form for each entry. (A copy of the application form is acceptable.)
  • MURAN Committee will have the ownership of the work product(s), because MURAN Committee will pay the expenses.
  • Those who pass the initial screening will be required to produce and exhibit their work at the MURAN Contest. The MURAN Committee will pay airfare and accommodation fees for one person per product to participate in the MURAN Contest in Japan.
  • MURAN Committee will pay the production expenses up to JPY300,000.
  • Please note that MURAN Committee may disclose your personal information, idea and/or products information/photos to mass media for the public relations activities of MURAN Contest.
  • Prize winner may need to file an income-tax return according to requirements of each country's tax law.