DENSO Celebrates Grand Opening of Its New Manufacturing Plant and Technical Center in Brazil

Jul 18, 2012

DENSO to increase production and development in Brazil

KARIYA (Japan) - DENSO Do Brasil Ltda. (DNBR), a subsidiary of DENSO Corporation, celebrated the opening of its new plant and technical center in Santa Barbara d'Oeste City, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on July 17 starting at 11 a.m. local time. By 2015, the total investment of the new facilities will represent approximately 205 million real (approximately US$100 million), with an estimated 800 employees.

"As the demand for motor vehicles in South America is expected to grow, DENSO's Santa Barbara Plant will increase production capacity to help expand sales of existing products and win business for new products," said Hiroshige Shinbo, President of DNBR. "Also, DENSO's new technical center, which is the first of its kind in South America, included a vehicle climate wind tunnel and will enable DENSO to reduce its development lead time and offer competitive products more quickly for the region."

In January 2011, DENSO's Santa Barbara Plant, which is the second plant of DNBR, started production of air-conditioning systems and cooling modules for automobiles. The plant recently completed the installation of production equipment and is scheduled to begin manufacturing starters and windshield wipers in September.

The Brazil Technical Center, which began operations in earlier this July, is developing automotive air-conditioning systems, starters, alternators, powertrain-related systems, and other devices for the South American market designed to meet local needs.

In addition, DNBR's Curitiba Plant, which is the headquarters plant of DNBR and currently produces compressors, evaporators, condensers, and radiators, also will increase its production capacity in response to the growing South American auto market.

In addition to the Brazil technical center, DENSO has technical centers in Japan, North America, Europe, Thailand China and India. DENSO's goal is to support its customers by developing and manufacturing products and components in the region and for the region in which its customers operate.

The profiles of DNBR, the Santa Barbara Plant, and the Brazil Technical Center are as follows.

Profile of DNBR

1. Head office location Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
2. President Hiroshige Shinbo
3. Establishment April 1980
4. Capital 191 million real (approx. US$ 93.2 million)
5. Ownership 90.6% owned by DENSO Corporation, 7.4% by Toyota Industries Corporation, 1.9% by Toyota Tsusho Corporation
6. Employees 1,786 (as of June 2012)
7. Business description Manufacturing and selling automotive air-conditioning systems, compressors, bus air-conditioning systems, radiators, and other products

Profile of Santa Barbara Plant

1. Location Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2. Start of operations January 2011
3. Investment 100 million real (approx. US$48.8 million)
4. Employees 342 (as of June 2012)
5. Total floor area 30,200㎡
6. Site area 300,000㎡
7. Business description Manufacturing automotive air-conditioning systems, cooling modules, starters, and windshield wipers

Profile of Brazil Technical Center

1. Location Santa Barbara d'Oeste (on the site of the Santa Barbara Plant)
2. Start of operations July 2012
3. Investment 105 million real (approx. US$51.2 million, total investment until 2015)
4. Employees Approx.100 (projected for 2015)
5. Total floor area 8,000㎡
6. Business description Developing automotive air-conditioning systems, starters, alternators, powertrain-related systems, and other products

* Exchange rate used is 2.05 real to the US one dollar, and 78.31 yen to the US one dollar at the end of June 2012 for convenience only.

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DNBR Santa Barbara Plant

Brazil Technical Center