DENSO 12th Idea Contest DENSO MURAN 2014  Shape your dream with innovative idea, shape our MURAN with full of DENSO dreams!

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2014 MURAN
Dear all associates in DENSO and global DENSO group companies:
Hiromi Tokuda

DENSO MURAN, once every two years’ exciting festival has finally come!

We have just started to prepare for the festival, which will be held in November 2014.
The action plan of DENSO MURAN committee has been completed, and now we start to accept applications from all in DENSO, nominate the ideas for the contest, and make the items into production. Then, we will hold an exhibition at DNJP head office, and award the grand prize.

Last year, DENSO announced a long-term vision toward 2020. Under the basic policy
” Protecting lives, Preserving the planet, and Preparing a bright future for generations to come”, we aim to contribute to the brighter future by generating useful ideas to the world.

Ideas can be found everywhere in your daily life, car life, and so on. Please share your ideas with your friends and colleagues by active discussion, and take part in this wonderful event! DENSO MURAN welcomes whatever ideas using mechanical, electronic, or other technologies. We are looking forward to a variety of unique ideas that only the members of DENSO can think up. We hope you will join this festival willingly!

Supreme Advisor
Executive Vice President of DENSO Corporation
Hiromi Tokuda