DENSO is expanding not only in the automotive business, but also in consumer-related systems and industrial products by applying the technology and skills developed in the automotive field.

OEM Automotive Components

Descriptions of the functions and mechanisms of car manufacturers' factory-installed products including climate control systems and engine related components (available for motorcycles and construction machinery).

Go to the Global Products website for more information on our OEM automobile products.

Aftermarket Automotive Components

DENSO distributes automobile-related products for the aftermarket, such as spark plugs and other replacement parts, along with ITS products including ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System).

Please note that some products are only available in Japan.

Consumer & Industrial Products

DENSO offers systems for everyday use including household and industrial air conditioning equipment, as well as industrial systems such as bar-code readers and industrial robots. We have developed these systems by adapting technological expertise gained in the automotive field.

Please note that some products are only available in Japan.

Go to the DENSO ROBOT Global Site for more information on our industrial robots.